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Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2015:

“Business under Attack: Adapting to the Inevitable”

Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions, is organizing its annual CyberSecurity Summit. This year’s event focuses on “Business under Attack: Adapting to the Inevitable” and will consider how enterprises and law enforcement agencies can keep going during times of global cyber conflict. It will be held on 15 April 2015 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, in conjunction with the Inaugural INTERPOL World 2015 conference.

The Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit is an annual global conference bringing together top experts from the business sector, government and law enforcement agencies, as well as analytical firms and leading international media. This year’s Summit will complement INTERPOL World 2015 with a private sector view on cybersecurity issues, including expert perspectives on current trends in the cyber domain, the evolution of advanced persistent threats and their impact on business today and in the future, and how organizations can counteract cybercrime through law enforcement and international cooperation. The event will comprise panel discussions on how business leaders and law enforcement officers can support each other and implement a coordinated response, and on the essential steps organizations should take before and after a security breach. Kaspersky Lab will also present its vision of Enterprise Security.


  • Eugene Kaspersky

    Eugene Kaspersky

    Chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab

    Eugene Kaspersky is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert and successful entrepreneur. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately-held vendor of endpoint protection and cybersecurity solutions.
    Eugene began his career in cybersecurity accidentally when his computer became infected with the ‘Cascade’ virus in 1989. Eugene’s specialized education in cryptography helped him analyze the encrypted virus and understand its behavior and then develop a removal tool for it. After successfully removing the virus, Eugene’s curiosity and passion for computer technology drove him to start analyzing more malicious programs and developing disinfection modules for them. This exotic collection of anti-virus modules would eventually become the foundation for Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database. Today the database is one of the most comprehensive and complete collections in cybersecurity, detecting and preventing systems from being infected by more than 100 million malicious programs.

  • Costin Raiu

    Costin Raiu

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab

    Costin specializes in analyzing advanced persistent threats and high-level malware attacks. He leads the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky that researched the inner workings of Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss and more recently, Red October, MiniDuke, the Mask, Turla, Regin and Equation. Costin’s work includes analyzing malicious websites, exploits and online banking malware.
    Costin has over 19 years of experience in anti-virus technologies and security research. He is a member of the Virus Bulletin Technical Advisory Board, a member of the Computer AntiVirus Researchers’ Organization (CARO) and a reporter for the Wildlist Organization International. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Costin worked for GeCad as Chief Researcher and as a Data Security Expert with the RAV antivirus developers group.
    Costin joined Kaspersky Lab in 2000. Prior to becoming Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team in 2010, Costin held the position of Chief Security Expert, overseeing research efforts in the EEMEA region.
    Some of his hobbies include chess, high precision arithmetic, cryptography, chemistry, photography and the Science Fiction literature.

  • Vitaly Kamluk

    Vitaly Kamluk

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab

    Vitaly joined Kaspersky Lab in 2005 as an Infrastructure Services Developer for the Antivirus lab. In 2008, he was appointed to the position of Senior Antivirus Expert before becoming Director of the EEMEA Research Center in 2009. In 2010, Vitaly spent working in Japan as a Chief Malware Expert, leading a group of local researchers. He specializes in threats focusing on global network infrastructures, malware reverse engineering and cybercrime investigations.
    In 2014 Vitaly moved to the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore to support the launch of the IGCI’s Digital Forensics Laboratory and to provide high-level advice on site.
    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Vitaly worked as a software developer and system administrator.
    Vitaly is a graduate of the Belarussian State University.

  • William H. Saito

    William H. Saito

    Special Advisor at Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

    One of Nikkei’s “100 Most Influential People for Japan,” Saito began software programming in elementary school. Later, he incorporated his own business, was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998, and was widely recognized as an authority on encryption, biometric authentication and cyber security. In 2004 he sold his company to Microsoft, moved to Tokyo, and founded InTecur, a VC that identifies innovative technologies and helps entrepreneurs maximize their potential.
    In 2011, Saito was named CTO of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission. In 2012, he was appointed to a council on national strategy which reported directly to the Prime Minister. He is active in the World Economic Forum and consults for several national governments. In Japan, he has advised METI, MIC, MEXT, and MLIT and is currently the Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office for the Government of Japan.
    A popular university lecturer and respected TV commentator, widely read newspaper columnist and is also a prolific author. His best-selling The Team (Nikkei BP) appeared in 2012, and his autobiography, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, in 2011 (Wiley).

  • Martin Smith

    Martin Smith

    Chairman and Founder, The Security Company (International) Limited and The Security Awareness Special Interest Group

    With nearly 40 years’ experience in the security and crime prevention industries, Martin Smith is a well-known, colourful (especially his jackets) and highly respected personality in the information assurance and cyber security world. He is an established and successful businessman and philanthropist, communicator, visionary, and internationally recognised author, speaker and (latterly) blogger on his passion of improving online trust. He has an extensive and enviable network of security contacts around the world.
    Martin gained his degree in behavioural psychology before spending 15 years as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force Security (Provost) Branch employed on the whole range of policing and security duties. After being awarded the MBE for this work, he left the Service to establish a second career in the commercial sector. He joined Touche Ross Management Consultants before becoming the Senior Director of Corporate Security for Kroll Associates (UK). He then joined the Standard Chartered Bank as Head of Information Security before (in 1997) forming The Security Company (International) Limited.
    Martin is a Fellow of The Security Institute, and a Freeman of both the City of London and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. He is an active member of both ASIS International and the Information Assurance Advisory Council. He is a member of the Independent Advisory Panel of the Office for Nuclear Regulation.
    Over the years Martin has presented at all the leading world security conferences. He does this with a refreshing, amusing and captivating speaking style, avoiding the prescriptive approach and making his presentations interesting to everybody and highly relevant to the cut-throat world in which increasingly we operate. In addition he is an accomplished and hilarious after-dinner speaker, recalling many of the characters with whom he has worked and from whom he learned vital lessons about getting the best from the team under the most difficult and demanding circumstances.

  • Vladimir Zapolyansky

    Vladimir Zapolyansky

    Vice-President, Product and Technology Marketing, Kaspersky Lab

    Vladimir is Vice-President of the Global Product & Technology Intelligence unit. He is responsible for creating and differentiating product and technology messaging, developing product and technology training and certification and maintaining the company’s positioning as a technological leader.
    Vladimir joined Kaspersky Lab in April 2009 as Head of Independent Software Vendor Relationships, a role that saw him take charge of the company’s whitelisting global technology partnership programs and communications with third-party software vendors. In 2012 Vladimir became Deputy Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) overseeing the creation of global technology messaging and technology positioning.
    Vladimir has a wealth of experience in IT. He began his career at Siemens in 2001 specializing in large new-generation VOIP soft-switches, media gateways and IP backbones. He then worked at Nokia Siemens Networks as Head of the Project Management department where he was in charge of managing regional and global IT projects.
    Vladimir holds an engineering degree from the Moscow State University of Telecommunication and Informatics.


Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2015 will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands • 10 Bayfront Avenue • Singapore 018970 • Phone: +65.6688.8868

For more information, please visit www.marinabaysands.com



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The Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2015: "Business under Attack: Adapting to the Inevitable" will connect representatives from business, government, law enforcement agencies, analytical firms, and leading international media. If you are looking for a private sector view on cybersecurity issues and would like to take part in the Summit, please complete the following registration form and we will contact you with further event details:

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